Wednesday, July 06, 2011


(Photo courtesy of Benz Co-Rana of
I attended the Babywearing Meet 2 at Starbucks BGC last Saturday. And for the first time since I started babywearing, I didn't feel so different. So alone.

By now, I'm used to being stared at whenever I go out with Basti in a SaYa, my ultra favorite  infant carrier. I've received various comments ranging from "Di ba siya naiipit?" to "Para kang Muslim sa Quiapo!" (As if there's something wrong with that! Oh, but these moms are great! They found a good way to take care of their children while working.) 

It was good to see a lot of moms (and even dads) who practice babywearing. Everywhere I looked, there were moms and moms-to-be wearing pouches, ring slings, and SaYa. I even saw a dad with a "gear" that looked like a mountain climber's backpack babywearing his oh so cute baby. Cool! 

I also got to see my MBA friend Grace, a SaYa convert, with her adorable baby G.

(Photo courtesy of Grace)

I guess the Starbucks staff felt like there was a babywearing invasion! 

And if you think that babywearing is only for moms and dads, think again. My own tatay loves to babywear his first and only grandson Basti! He even knows how to use the ring sling.

Cool babywearing lolo using a pouch.

Babywearing is for Ates, too! I stumbled upon this picture taken by my hubby in Batad, Ifugao.

For sure, with more and more babywearing moms, dads, lolos, lolas, ates, and kuyas, this babywearing Mom is alone no more!

P.S. For attending the Babywearing Meet 2, I got these uber cute pins for free!

(Cute pins courtesy of Benz Co-Rana)

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