Monday, July 18, 2011


"Ate, you are amazing!"

This was Ina's reaction upon learning that her Ate Fran has been accelerated in her ballet class. A year after starting ballet together, Ina is now in yellow class while her Ate is in lavender, or two levels higher than yellow.

Not only that. Her Ate Fran is one of those chosen to take the Australian ballet examinations in April, an opportunity that is given to a select few.

I was really worried about how Ina would take the news. Would she be depressed? Would she be envious? With a mere two-year gap between her and Fran, it's not uncommon for Ina to compare herself, her abilities, her accomplishments with that of her Ate's. That Fran has this not so nice habit of telling Ina that she's better in Math, in writing, in drawing, oh the list goes on, does not help (we're working on this). I, as the mom/referee, usually end up telling Ina that Ate is better at some things because she's two years older.

"Wait until you turn 8," I told her.

To which Fran has this ready reply, "But when you're 8, I'll be 10!" Hay.

But it turned out that I need not worry. Ina, my lovely little girl, has shown maturity beyond her years. She was not only happy for her Ate, she was actually proud of her! She reasoned out that she would probably be in lavender class when she turns 8. But for now, she's happy that she's been promoted to the yellow class.

Besides, she may not be a good ballet dancer. At least not yet. But she is one terrific storyteller.

Thank you Ina for teaching me a valuable lesson. Thank you for reminding me that there is such a thing as finding joy in somebody else's happiness.

You are truly amazing.

Kung fu snake-style?



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