Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am about to take my final exam in Infotech in 30 minutes.  And I still need to do my final presentation for tomorrow's class.

So why am I spending precious time writing this?

My husband has just posed the question, "So who will you vote for this coming elections?"

Tough question.  But I am ready with my answer--"I don't know, I'm still undecided."

What I know is that I am not ready to vote for somebody simply because his parents are probably the two most respected Filipinos in our history.  What I know is that I am not ready to vote for somebody simply because he says that he is poor or knows how it was to be poor and then spends millions of pesos in advertisements.  What I know is that I am not ready to vote for somebody simply because he is intelligent and appears to have a practical and solid grasp of the realities of life, not to mention the fact that he's a pilot and a bar topnotcher.

What I know is that I NEED TO KNOW MORE.

TO NOYNOY:  What do you offer other than your being the son of two of the most respected Filipinos?  Even on the assumption that the good traits of the parents are necessarily inherited by their children, would you be able to give us the assurance that the people you'll be putting in the government are not corrupt?  What have you done, so far, on the Hacienda Luisita issue?  What have you done in the past 11 years as a) a Congressman and b) a Senator?

TO MANNY VILLAR:  I notice that timing wise, the investigation on the C5 scandal may really be politically motivated.  This is aside from the fact that the Senate, uhm, (primarily due to its present composition and the way past "investigations in aid of legislation" were conducted), is not the same august body that it used to be.  But please, you really have to address the C5 issue.  Corruption has always been a problem in this country.  I don't want another corrupt president.  Secondly, how are you going to recoup the millions of pesos (or are we talking about billions already?) spent on your ads?

TO GIBO:  I'm impressed with your strong grasp of the practical issues in addressing the problems of the nation.  Your intelligence has never been an issue, insofar as I am concerned.  But historically, intelligent presidents have done more harm than good for this nation.  My main concern is, will you be able to do the right thing for the country even if it will be against the interests of GMA and FG?  In view of the not so impossible scenario that she will be the next Speaker of the House with a too obvious motive of having the Constitution amended allowing for a shift from a presidential to parliamentary form of government, will you be able to cast aside your loyalty and "utang na loob" to her for the sake of the nation?  Will you be an ingrate to the very person who trusted you and  anointed you (a relative unknown prior to your being appointed as the DND Secretary) as the official presidential candidate of Lakas? And yes, as a bar topnotcher, what is your legal position on GMA's insistence to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice?

Messrs. Presidentiables, I really need to know more.

*  I know that there are other presidentiables.  But due to time constraint, I have to limit my questions to the said 3 gentlemen.


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