Friday, February 26, 2010


Snippets is an account of the short conversations between me and my daughters, or between the two of them.

Fran, my 6-year old firstborn, is smart and responsible. She does her own assignments and even helps out her younger sister in doing her homework. She reminds me of her school activities, the things she has to bring and her schedule for the week. Her study table puts to shame my own office table. Fran is also creative and adventurous. She takes beautiful pictures and is a great dancer! She enjoyed riding the zip line in Baguio and wanted to try the one in Bohol, the longest (480 meters) and highest (altitude of 200 meters) zip line in the country. Her most recent adventure? Swimming in a 12-meter deep underground lake inside Cambagat Cave!

Ina, my 4-year old daughter, is funny, witty and street smart! She loves to read but hates to write. She claims that writing is "so boring"! Her vocabulary is amazing. At age 3, she was already using the words "exasperating", "compromise" and "spooky". Like her older sister, she wants to try out new things. Her latest must-try adventure? She wants to go hang gliding!

Raising my daughters is like one roller coaster ride. But boy, what a ride!

20 Feb 2010 - Fran: Mom, do I also have a dimple? Ina: Ate, you have dimples--on your nose! Poor Mom was trying really hard not to laugh out loud.

19 Feb 2010 - Mom: Ina, let me put sunblock on you so you'll be protected from the sun. Ina: Why? Does sunblock have mystic powers? :(

17 Feb 2010 - The girls are excited to go back to Panglao, Bohol. But they have one request -- "Mom, no tarsier this time. We don't like the tarsier to STARE at us!"

15 Feb 2010 - Fran has just informed me that Jupiter and Venus will appear to be just half a degree apart around 6 pm tomorrow, February 16. Is it just me or what? I'm too spaced out for this! :)

15 Feb 2010 - Ina: Mom, why don't we go hang gliding together? Uh uh, I hope it's just the fever talking. (A fervent wish of a mom who's really scared of heights.)

31 Jan 2010 - Ina: Mom, you cook the best pasta ever! Fran: I love you...and your tuna pasta!

17 Jan 2010 - Ina: Mom, I have jewelry inside my nose. Fran: Ina, I told you never to put things inside your nose.

16 Jan 2010 - Mom: Remember Panglao? We're going back there this February. Ina: Can I bring "Love Fellow" (a small elephant stuff toy) to the beach? I'm sure he would love to use his long trunk to dig the sand.

10 Jan 2010 - Mom: Don't forget to brush your teeth. Ina: Ok but can Teddy brush his teeth also? (and before I can reply) On second thought, I think Teddy is still sleepy.

10 Jan 2010 - I'm sick and asked the girls to accompany their daddy to the grocery. After telling them to remind Daddy to buy their favorite cereals and cookies, Ina told me, "Mom, you're supposed to give us a list."

27 Dec 2009 - Ina: Mom, I'm worried. Teddy has a tummy ache. Mom: Huh? Ina: So I gave him a nice bowl of warm milk. MOM: Uh, uh.

25 Dec 2009 - Ina: Is Santa real? Fran: No he's not. It's just pretend. Ina: Ok then give me that toy given to you by Santa.

20 Dec 2009 - Fran thinks that I'm Mrs. Fields. She keeps on saying "Mom, I love your cookies. You make the best cookies ever!".

07 Dec 2009 - Fran: I look funny, I'm super bungi. Mom: You are beautiful as you are.

06 Dec 2009 - My daughters' dialogue on possession and ownership -- Ina: Ate, give that toy back to me. Fran: But this is mine. Ina: But I got it first. Fran: It's not about who got it first, it's about who owns it. :)

30 Nov 2009 - Fran to Mom: I told you you'll enjoy the zip line! (She tried it first!)

30 Nov 2009 - Mom: Ina, have some strawberries. Ina: I don't like strawberries. I want oranges only. Mom: But strawberries are so juicy and they're rich in vitamin C. Ina: So are oranges. :(

29 Nov 2009 - Mom: Fran, you better take a bath or else the butterflies will say that you smell bad. Ina: Mom, butterflies don't talk... But they might die once they smell Ate.

22 Nov 2009 - Sorry would have sufficed. But no, Ina had to say, "Mom, I apologize. I know I'm so stubborn."

15 Nov 2009 - About a month ago, my 4-year old daughter told me that she wants to go to Egypt. This afternoon, I heard her say to her Ate -- "Where's my flashlight? I need to look at the hieroglyphics!" :)

04 Nov 2009 – Fran asked me, "What is the TM for?" Hmm, a trademark lawyer in the making?

29 Sept 2009 - My daughters and I were watching the news on the aftermath of Ondoy when Ina said, "That's why we have to take care of our earth!"

27 Sept 2009 – I was busy arranging clothes and baby blankets to donate when my daughters asked me, "Can we help?" In giving, I received more -- children who are concerned with the needs of others.

21 Sept 2009 - Fran: Barkie looks like an arctic fox! Arctic fox??? Her being an avid reader of National Geographic for Kids is showing. :)

21 Sept 2009 – Fran asked her Dad, "Why two-way? Shouldn't it end with s because it's plural?" Now that she's done with the general rule, I guess it's time to discuss the exceptions. :)

12 Sept 2009 - Overheard this while my daughters were playacting -- Ina: "Ate, you'll be the princess (and while Fran was visibly elated) ... and I'll be the queen." :)

12 Sept 2009 - On my way out, Ina told me, "Mom, I love you with all my heart!" My students just got lucky. Their tax professor is in a very good mood!

12 Sept 2009 - Conversation with Fran very early in the morning--Fran: Mom, what is "fingers" in Filipino? Mom: Daliri. Fran: Oh, I thought daliri is..then she sticks out her tongue. :)

10 Sept 2009 – Ina just said, "Everybody has a job in this house. Me, I'm in charge of the phone (she loves to answer phone calls). So Mom, can you buy a cellphone for me?"

26 Aug 2009 - Just gave Ina my special "mom-to-daughter" kiss and was already on my way down when she said, "But Mom, you forgot to kiss my other cheek." What a wonderful way to start the day! :)

16 Aug 2009 - While planning for our next trip to the beach, Fran asked me if we could bring Barkie, our Jap Spitz. Before I could reply, Ina said, "Yes, but don't forget to put sunblock on Barkie!" :)

16 Aug 2009 – I was discussing "being good" and "good behavior" with Ina when the latter said, "Ok Mom, from now on, I'll be brave!" :(

16 Aug 2009 – I know that my tom yum is appreciated when Fran, after several servings, said "Perfect"!

11 Aug 2009 – Ina: "Why do you call them Chocolate Hills? Can we eat them?"

11 Aug 2009 - Conversation with my daughter after a relaxing day in the beach -- Mom: "So what do you want to do next?" Ina: "I just want to meet some friendly aliens!"

07 Aug 2009 - We're off to Panglao tomorrow. The kids have been singing "Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!"

06 Aug 2009 – I was bothered because my daughters associate the Laban sign with "loser" as a result of watching Hole in the Wall. I had to do a major re-education yesterday.

04 Aug 2009 – Ina has been having tantrums lately. She keeps on shouting, "I want to have a baby sister and I just want to name her Pookey!" Might be a nice name in some other part of the world but definitely not here in the Philippines.

27 July 2009 - I was showering Ina with lots of kisses when she suddenly asked me, "Mom, can you buy me a book about kissing?" Uh, uh, I think I'm in trouble.

23 July 2009 - Conversation with my two daughters -- Ina: "This is exasperating!" Mom: "Ha! What do you mean by exasperating?" Ina: "You know, it's taking Ate so long to apologize." (She was getting irritated waiting for Fran's apology.) Fran: "Mom, you mean you don't know the meaning of exasperating?” Now, that is what I call exasperating.

07 July 2009 – I was tired and mentally drained after 5 hours of oral arguments before the Supreme Court, but was uplifted by Fran’s unconditional love. She just told me, "Mom, I love you even if you're taba!"

06 July 2009 - While we were driving along UP Ikot, Ina was pretending that she's a pirate sailing on the seven seas. Suddenly, she shouted, "Wait, I see a shark over there!" Guess where she was pointing at? It's no other than Malcolm Hall, the building that houses the University of the Philippines College of Law!

24 June 2009 - 2009: Storm signal # 1, no classes, my daughters are disappointed. 1995: Storm signal # 3, classes in UP Law were not suspended, Mom was EXTREMELY disappointed.

23 June 2009 - Heard this conversation from my 2 daughters while Ina, the younger one, was practicing writing letter P. Fran: "Practice makes perfect. Practice and perfect start with P." After a while, Ina, who's starting to get irritated with her writing skills, was told by her Ate, "And patience starts with P." Ina, who was then really really irritated, blurted out, "Patience, I have no patience." Goodbye to letter P.

18 June 2009 - Last night, I had this conversation with Ina--Mom: It's time to sleep. Ina: But Mom, I don't like to hibernate.

16 June 2009 - On our way to dinner last night, Ina sang this -- "Rumbly, rumbly, this tummy is hungry!!!" Hmm, a poet and a composer.


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