Monday, May 30, 2011


Almost 25 years ago, We, the Batch 1987 graduates of Bautista Central School (BCS), dared to dream. Against a number of odds, most of us have achieved those dreams.

With no library, no books, no laboratory, no clean and working restrooms, this small public school in a fifth-class municipality in Pangasinan has produced graduates that it can truly be proud of. Armed only with dedicated, hardworking but underpaid teachers, it is now the alma mater of individuals who excel in their chosen fields, both here and abroad.

I am not boasting when I say that Batch '87 is probably one of the most successful batches BCS has ever produced. We have doctors, a lawyer, nurses, dentists, engineers, teachers, businessmen, health workers, accountants. We produced PMAers who are now high-ranking officers of the AFP. One of us went on to be a part of the team that created the world famous FarmVille, a game played in Facebook. We even have a nurse who works for a prince, yes, a real prince. Now, if only  we have an artista! :)

In reaching our dreams, we traveled different roads. Some of us decided to stay in Bautista and help its people by working for the local government. Some put up businesses there, businesses that provide employment opportunities. Others decided to practice their profession in this small town and help alleviate the lives of its residents. Some of us went to the other parts of the world, sending their precious dollars and pounds back home.

But wherever we may be, BCS will always be a part of our lives.

Come 2012, Batch '87 will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. More than an opportunity to be together and reminisce our elementary years, the 2012 homecoming will give us a chance to give something back to BCS and its pupils. We had no books and no educational materials then. Sadly, except for a handful of old and dilapidated books, the present pupils of BCS are in no better position.

No, the present pupils of BCS are in no better position. But WE ARE.

Come 2012, I hope that BCS will have a library full of books. I hope that its pupils will be able to watch educational shows on tv. I hope that the teachers' tasks will be made easier with the help of audio-visual materials. And I hope that the children will keep on dreaming. Just like we did.

Almost 25 years ago, we dared to dream. Now, it is time to help others live their dream.

(I'll be writing a series of notes regarding the 2012 homecoming and the proposed project. Right now, there are no definite plans yet. No working committee has been created. The idea of donating books and educational materials (tvs, dvd players and audio-visual dvds) is something that I want to push. I've discussed this with some of my friends (BCS Batch '87 graduates also) but this has not been formally proposed to the members of Batch '87.)


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