Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My MaSaYa Nights

Last Saturday, my almost 9-month old baby had his measles vaccine. This was an attenuated (live) vaccine so I should expect Basti to have fever, the doctor told me.

For 4 days and 3 nights, my usually happy baby turned into a "cry-baby". Suffering from fever, he wanted, nay, demanded to be carried all the time. Worse, he wanted only me to carry him. And he made his demands known by screaming at the top of his lungs. (Looking at the bright side, I now know that he has healthy lungs.)

This is not my first time to take care of sick babies. My firstborn had colic. And a colicky baby meant sleepless nights (and dawns). 

But I'm no longer used to sleepless nights. Prior to Basti's bout with fever, he never had trouble sleeping at night. All I had to do was hold him in my arms and breastfeed him. And voila, he was fast asleep. No fussing. No crying. Just a baby having a good night's sleep.

What made my ordeal bearable was the SaYa, a locally-made infant carrier that I wrote about in a previous post. During the times when I felt like a walking zombie carrying a 9-kg baby, the SaYa helped me ensure that Basti was safe and sound asleep while I was mastering the art of semi-sleeping while standing. 

And for that, the SaYa deserves another post.

(Picture was taken 3 months ago)


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