Friday, June 24, 2011


I have another confession to make. I haven't been using disposable baby wipes for 7 months now.

The cost of disposable baby wipes is unbelievable. And if you're a working mom who has a trigger-happy yaya, one who thinks that the answer to every dirt is the baby wipes, then your budget is in even bigger trouble.

And I'm not even talking about the environmental impact of all those disposed wipes!

So instead of wasting money on disposable baby wipes (this is literally "sunk cost"), I decided giving cloth wipes a try. Since I'm already using cloth diapers for my baby, washing another dozen or so of small cloth wipes is not a problem.

Cloth Wipes

I initially bought a dozen cloth wipes made of flannel solid and measuring 8" x 8" from a local online store. Unfortunately, a dozen cloth wipes are not sufficient for everyday use. To further save on cost, I had a cousin buy pranela from Divisoria and had them cut and sewn by a mananahi in our village. For a minimal amount, I now have about 4 dozens of washable, reusable cloth wipes. (And the good thing about this is when these cloth wipes become worn out, they can be used as basahan.)

Wipe Solution
Making a wipe solution is very easy and inexpensive! For the common wipe solution recipes, I found this site really helpful.  

I did my own mix and match. Here's the wipe solution that I'm using on Basti:

3 ml of Human Heart Nature Chamomile Baby Wash
3 ml of all-natural, no mineral oil Giga Baby Oil 
3 drops of Giga Tea Tree Oil - this has antibacterial properties
2 drops of lavender oil
2 drops of  lemon oil - I really find this refreshing!

After putting all of these in a 500 ml spray bottle, I slowly pour filtered water and shake the bottle gently. I now have my own chemical-free wipe solution! I make sure not to put too much oil in order to avoid affecting the cloth diapers' absorbency. So far, I haven't had any problem using this solution on my baby.

Whenever I need a baby wipe, I just spray the solution on the cloth diaper. 

Now I'm ready to face my baby's bottom. :)


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