Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Congratulations are in order. I became a stakeholder of Good Food Co. about 3 weeks ago.

As a stakeholder, I would be receiving a weekly basket of 3.5 kg. of fresh, seasonal, organic produce from a designated Good Food Co. friend for 12 weeks. In signing up, I paid an initial fee of PhP1,600, which is for 4 weeks' supply of vegetables. 

Good Food Co. promotes community shared agriculture. The idea is "[b]y pledging to support the farm operations for an entire season, households receive regular, fresh, organic shares of the harvest and farmers are provided the security (or assurance) of a stable demand. More than economics, this program aims to connect shareholders with the farmers themselves in growing a sustainable planet through good food and good company."

This is what I call a win-win solution. In my own small way, I get to help some local farmers. In return, my family gets to eat fresh, organic vegetables regularly.

Last 04 June 2011, our entire family trooped to Esteban Abada and braved the Saturday traffic at Katipunan to get the following vegetables:

talbos ng ampalaya
chinese kangkong 
green papaya 
sili pangsigang 
puso ng saging

The first to go was the spinach. After checking the internet for simple but tasty spinach recipes, I decided to cook sauteed spinach with garlic. With a little olive oil, butter, salt, thyme, worcestershire sauce (this was my idea) and lots and lots of finely-chopped garlic, I came up with a vegetable dish that my 8 year-old daughter really loved. As Fran put it, "I don't like it. I love it!"

Being a true blue Ilocano, I have to make sure that my money was well spent. In other words, we have to eat what we paid for. Some of the vegetables were used for the pinakbet. The ginger and the malunggay went well with the clams (a must-treat for a breastfeeding mom). The chinese kangkong and okra with bagoong were superb. I just learned that puso ng saging was perfect for pork sinigang. And of course, my 9-month old baby had some boiled squash and camote.

With our weekly supply of fresh, organic vegetables, good food has just become better.


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